fairmined gold: feel good about the gold you wear

fairmined gold: feel good about the gold you wear

At kara | daniel we are constantly striving to adorn you in the most ethical and sustainable manner possible. We want to make jewelry that you can feel really good about wearing from an aesthetic as well as ethical perspective. So when we were presented with the opportunity through our relationship with the Ethical Metalsmiths Guild to be part of the first ever U.S. FAIRMINED gold buy we said, “Yes!”. In November 2013, kara | daniel was 1 of approximately 20 U.S. jewelers who were part of this history making gold buy.

FAIRMINED is the Fair Trade of the mining industry. FAIRMINED gold is ethical gold extracted by Artisanal and Small-scale miners. Buying FAIRMINED metals is supporting responsible certified miners and their families that follow strict requirements for social development, environmental protection, labor conditions and economic development in their mining communities. The mine we are currently working with is the Aurelsa mine in Peru.


Aurelsa Miners – Peru. photo credit: Ethical Metalsmiths Guild


The gold is brought in as pure 24 karat (k), and we are alloying it to 22k in studio. We add fine silver and copper in a prescribed ratio to the pure gold to add durability and bring the karat to 22k.


24k gold FAIRMINED casting grain



fair mined gold + copper + silver ready for alloying


The three metals are melted together in  the crucible under intense heat. The melting point of this alloy is ~ 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.



melting metal in the crucible


This liquid metal is then poured into an ingot mold to create an ingot, a cylinder of solid gold.


FAIRMINED gold ingot


The ingot is then reheated to eliminate any porosity and melt any flashing back into the piece.


red hot ingot


The ingot is then drawn down multiple times and then annealed to re-soften – repeating this process until the appropriate size stock is achieved. This stock took about five repetitions of the above steps.


ingot rolled down to wire


This stock will be used to create our exclusive FAIRMINED collection. Each piece will bear the FAIRMINED stamp assuring the wearer that this gold was mined with the highest social, environmental, labor and economic standards. Feel good about the gold you wear.


FAIRMINED gold earrings


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