stack rings: making old, new

stack rings: making old, new

In the kara | daniel studio, 2013 seems to be the year of the stack ring. Stack rings are a great way to make use of recycled metals and an assortment of stones, and have a piece of jewelry in the end that can be new every time you put it on.

We’ve worked with E on some great custom pieces in the past, like this tension-set ring, and this vintage diamond ring using the large diamond you see above. For this custom design we wanted to create an everyday piece that would give E lots of options on how she wears it, and use the gold and some of those tiny diamonds in the heart pendant above. A stack ring set was a perfect match. She can wear one ring or many, there is texture, mixed metals, and lots of tiny sparkle to keep the eye moving. For more great stack rings, check out the kara | daniel ring gallery on Pinterest. What would your perfect stack be? Let us know below in the comments.


after: stack rings


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