sweet 16 keepsake :: recycled

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sweet 16 keepsake :: recycled

Our client, Erin, had a gold and diamond pendant she had been given as a sweet 16 gift from her grandparents. They themselves, had recycled a diamond and some of their gold jewelry from various pieces and had a pendant cast to give to their granddaughter.

While Erin cherished the family pendant, it just wasn’t a piece she could see herself wearing. She described her style as classic, earth-friendly, and bold. She also sited the practicality of the piece as important; she wanted this new piece to be one she could wear everyday without worry.


Out of our design meeting came a tension-set diamond ring, with the recycled gold as an accent. The stainless is clean and contemporary, the diamond is classic, and the hammered, oxidized gold lends an earthy organic feel. This piece did indeed become an everyday staple for Erin, and the first piece of her kara | daniel collection.


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