the process

a rose-cut diamond birthday surprise

a rose-cut diamond birthday surprise We’re divided on surprises here at kara | daniel. I (the Kara-half of k|d) love surprises. However, the Daniel-half isn’t such a big fan. We both agree though, that this custom raw diamond bracelet and pendant set were a stunningly good birthday surprise for our long-time client, Lani. These designs echo a raw diamond scroll ring Lani has from a Christmas past, and her husband did a great job designing these companion pieces with us.

white sapphire jyotish ring

white sapphire jyotish ring Jyotish, also know as Vedic Astrology or Indian astrology, has long used metals and gemstones in specific ways according to one’s astrological chart. Specific gemstones and metals are prescribed by Vedic Astrologers to appease the planets and their energies in one’s chart. ‘Jyoti’ is Sanskṛt for light, so Joytish is the study of light, specifically the heavenly bodies.