tension-set emerald-cut diamond

tension-set emerald-cut diamond

John contacted us recently to have us set his dream stone, a 4ct emerald-cut diamond.

He was looking for a setting that wouldn’t compete with the stone, but would be a clean, simple, companion. He gravitated immediately to our classic tension-setting, ‘the one’.  With some customization of this setting, we constructed a tension-setting to fit his stone perfectly. The width of the band is just slightly wider than the stone to protect the long edges of the diamond, and while the band is a matte finish to allow the stone faceting to be the visual focus, the inner faces of the setting are mirror polished to reflect the most light. The finished piece is a ring that perfectly compliments but doesn’t compete with this beautiful diamond, and is in a setting that will stand up to everyday wear. Just what you want for your dream stone.


 finalizing the setting of the diamond


emerald-cut diamond tension-set in ‘the one’


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