montana sapphire wedding & engagement rings

montana sapphire wedding & engagement rings

When it comes to wedding and engagement gemstone options, one of our favorite options is Fair-trade Montana sapphires. Sapphire, along with diamond, is a very traditional options for wedding and engagement rings. Besides their beauty, their hardness (9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness) plays a big part in the history of this tradition. An everyday wear ring like an engagement ring should be durable enough to live with you, and an appropriate gemstone is part of this equation.


Fair-trade Montana sapphire in upright prong tension setting


We love working with Montana sapphires as they are typically Fair-trade gemstones, that have assurances of ethical practices from the mine forward to the end wearer. In a ring with such significance, selecting a gemstone that minimizes the negative environmental, social, and economic impacts of mining is important.


Fair-trade Montana sapphire square-bezeled wedding bands


Sapphire mining in Montana was originally a by-product of the gold rushes of the 1860’s. Early prospectors searching for gold in the gravel of the Missouri River discarded the annoying blue pebbles that continually clogged their sluices.  The discovery that these stones had value is attributed to Ed “Sapphire” Collins who forwarded samples to Tiffany and Company in 1865. When Tiffany purchased the lot for $3,750 and declared that the stones were “sapphires of unusual quality,” a small scale sapphire rush began. Montana sapphire mines produced high yields of high-clarity fancy sapphires, with colors ranging from light pinks, purples, oranges, yellows, and greens, to pale blues. (source: Natural Sapphire Company).


Fair-trade Montana sapphire in petite scroll ring


As you see in these designs the teal of these Montana sapphires is framed nicely by the graphite grey of steel and accented beautifully by the rich yellow of 22k gold. Anyway you go, these sapphires are a beautiful option when designing an engagement ring. Ready to design? Send us an email to begin the process.


Fair-trade bi-color Montana sapphire in ‘the one’ tension setting


Montana Sapphire ~ each one is unique


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