his & hers anniversary rings

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his & hers anniversary rings

Jane & Jim are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year and wanted to mark this special time with a re-envisioning of their wedding rings. They had a collection of jewelry, vintage and otherwise, that was ready for repurposing that they brought to their design meeting for us to explore.

Jane & Jim had an affinity for our various textures, mixed metals, and repurposed gemstone pieces. We proposed a design that carried forward various intact components of their existing jewelry while creating a completely new aesthetic. This assemblage approach allowed us to bring in a number of design details in a way that they didn’t compete too strongly with each other. We envisioned a assemblage of metals, textures, and stones that would nod to the work of Gustav Klimt.


the process: assemblage wedding bands


The resulting rings are a his and hers set, that each carry their own unique design but relate strongly to each other.


after: assemblage wedding rings


Jane says, “Instead of going on some grand trip Jim and I chose to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary by getting new wedding rings. We had always wanted kara | daniel to create new rings for us using our existing stones and my 2 wedding bands. A trip would be fleeting but the rings would be forever as we celebrate our next 40!!! We are so happy with the rings- they tell ‘our story’ together, as each stone represents a point and time in our life together. When Jim and I met Nikki and Dan we had so much fun discovering what could be done and how the rings might look. At that point Jim didn’t want a ring but a few days later he quickly changed his mind and he is so happy that he did! We are so happy how the rings turned out!” 


Congrats, Jane & Jim!


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