vintage emerald pendant

vintage emerald pendant

Emerald is a majestic stone with a long history. It was prized in ancient India and is mentioned in the Vedas (the scriptural texts of the time), it was heavily mined in Egypt by the Pharaohs between 3000 and 1500 BC, and it was a holy stone to the Inca and Aztecs of South America.

Mary’s emerald came to her via an interesting history as well. Mary’s father in law was a German man, who purchased the emerald in Brazil in the 1980’s while on holiday. He was summoned into a back room and out a back door into a waiting car after he purchased the emerald, as the stone was very beautiful and they thought he could be at risk for being robbed. This oval-cut has carried a mysterious interest in their family since then, as it was felt to be very special.


As emerald typically has quite a few inclusions which can lend a fragility to the stone, so it was decided that a pendant would be a safe way to wear this special family stone and minimize the risk of impact to the stone. Mary loved the look of a hand-forged pendant, and she had some marquise diamonds that were the perfect accent for this piece.


the process: emerald pendant


The result? A piece she can wear often, that leads the eye to a beautiful stone with fond family history. We’re honored to have brought it forward into this new piece.


after: oval-cut emerald hand-forged pendant


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