traditional trio transformed

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traditional trio transformed

Lisa is a fellow yoga instructor that is also a student of my teacher, Rod Stryker. We see each other at national trainings and had the good fortune of sharing 3 weeks in India earlier this year. She discovered kara | daniel this summer when I brought jewelry with me to a training. She loved my petite scroll ring as well, and mentioned she had diamonds in a a traditional setting that she was ready to transition to something new.

She’s an active soul, teaching yoga, personal training, and she knew when she tried my ring on that this was going to be a perfect fit. The scroll rings lay flat on the hand, so there’s no setting height to catch on things. The scroll creates visual weight without becoming a physically heavy setting. We proposed a scroll + petite scroll stack ring, and she decided the third diamond should move into a pendant. We designed a pendant that mimicked the hand-forged lines of the scroll rings, while sustaining it’s own identity.


We love the way this set came together, making something traditional and unworn into something new, unique, and wearable. Lisa said about the rings,  “I absolutely LOVE THEM!!!  Y’all did such a great job and I love how the diamonds really stand out and are showcased by the design!!” and the pendant, “I LOVE LOVE LOVE the necklace! It is exquisite and such a stunning piece and I am so pleased with it!”  It’s what we love to hear. Thanks, Lisa, for collaborating with us on this project!


 after: up-cycled diamonds in hand-forged scroll and petite scroll rings


after: hand-forged pendant


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