circle of light . necklace 18"

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a kara | daniel core collection piece. this handmade stainless steel chain necklace is an essential. put it on, never take it off, layer other pieces on top of it, rinse, and repeat.

fiercely strong, yet visually delicate stainless steel, captures this bright 22k circle of light. the gold accent and clasp are heavily textured and add the perfect rustic balance to the steady and contemporary stainless.

measuring 18" in length, this necklace features a hand-forged kara | daniel mod scroll clasp.

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about the core collection ~
our core collection features contemporary stainless steel, high karat recycled gold, recycled sterling silver, and rustic natural gemstones. handmade stainless steel chain is painstakingly assembled link by link to adorn you with pieces that are light and indestructible. stainless steel chains do not tarnish, won't need upkeep, and look fabulous all the time.

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