ethical practices

Modern & Ethical adornment is our mission at kara | daniel. We strive to create jewelry that you can feel as good about the origin, as you feel about the aesthetic.

METALS. Stainless steel is a material made from a high recycled-content and with high recapture rates. Stainless is 100% recyclable and kara | daniel works with stainless cut-offs that would otherwise be considered industrial scrap.

PRECIOUS METALS used in kara | daniel's designs of three kinds.

  • Certified Harmony Metals from vendors that manufacture from 100% recycled content
  • Metal is upcycled from your existing jewelry and moved into a new piece
  • We are licensed to work with FAIRMINED gold artisinally mined in Peru, and alloyed in our studio

FAIRMINED GOLD. In November 2013, kara | daniel was 1 of approximately 20 U.S. jewelers who were part of the history making, first ever FAIRMINED gold buy in the U.S. We offer this social, environmentally, and economically responsible gold mined in a small-scale, artisanal mine in Peru in our FAIRMINED gold collection and in custom designs. This is gold you can be proud to wear.

GEMSTONES. Raw diamonds are often used for their rustic beauty and contrast with stainless steel. kara | daniel's raw diamonds are sourced from a Kimberly Process certified vendor.

Ethical faceted diamonds can be sourced from non-conflict mines (individually serial numbered for tracing purposes), recycled diamonds can be sourced, or vintage gemstones moved forward into a new creation.

kara | daniel offers a selection of fair trade gems that are closely tracked from mine to market to ensure that every gem has been handled according to strict protocols.

Recycling your heirloom gemstones into new designs is one of our specialties. Creating an updated piece from heirloom gems is a wonderful way to create something you can wear daily, and keep the sentimental value of the gemstone with you.

STUDIO. kara | daniel's studio was designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind. 

  • Non-toxic studio chemicals
  • Reused and recycled shipping materials
  • 100% recycled content packaging
  • Eco-friendly office supplies

ETHICAL METALSMITHS. kara | daniel is proud to be listed in the Ethical Metalsmith's Directory. The Directory was created to introduce consumers to the growing number of jewelers who are informed and committed to social and environmental responsibility.

Jewelers in the Directory support ethical mining, demand supply chain accountability and operate their studios with "green" practices. They endeavor to source their materials in the most responsible manner, and are transparent in their practices.